Thursday, March 2, 2017


For my daddy, because he doesn't see these things on facebook. :-)

Worked a 14 hour day without a break and I'm headed straight to bed (after I finish my "dinner"....or whatever meal it is that you eat at 10:30pm) because I'm going in early tomorrow to address the things I left unfinished. I'm missing my snugglebug tonight - left her at the dog-sitter's because there's no reason to pick her up only to take her right back 7 hours later.

It was a long day, and we have two more long(er?) ones coming up.

But tonight, in this moment, I'm feeing so thankful....

...thankful that I loooooove my job. It challenges me -I feel like I could spend my whole career here and never stop learning - and I feel like what I do really matters (for my patients AND for my colleagues).
...thankful I'm a part of a team that is so deserving of my respect and that they all work SO hard to do what's right for our patients (desk staff, RNs and MDs alike).
...thankful for my health. So many of my patients would give anything to have the strength and stamina to work a 14 hour day.
...thankful for the stories I get invited to participate in every day. I firmly believe that some of the greatest earthly displays of dignity, strength, compassion, sacrifice and perseverance happen in the context of a bone marrow transplant. I hope I never forget what an honor it is to bear witness to those stories.
...thankful for my brothers and sisters who promptly respond to a self-pitying text with a generous string of pictures and videos of some of the cutest babies and kiddos currently walking the face of this earth. The baby giggles from those little hearts fill me with so. much. joy. and watching their older siblings interact with them and entertain them is one of my life's purest delights.
...thankful for a dog-sitter who loves my dog like her own and is SO incredibly flexible with my unpredictable schedule. Andrea, I seriously don't know what I would do without you.

So if you ever hear me complain about my job, please remember (and remind me) that I love what I do. I am so incredibly blessed by my job and I have much to be thankful for. I'm just tired. That's all.

And I miss my pup.