Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Humpday Listday: T5 Signs That I'm Adjusting to My New Normal

One year ago (yesterday) I had shoulder surgery.  Six months ago (yesterday) I started a new job.  My life looks much different now than it did 12 months ago....I have full range of motion in my arm, virtually no pain, a job I love that I previously didn't know existed, I'm involved in a worship ministry that I love at church, and I have many new, budding relationships with people who are quickly becoming dear to my heart.  Life is busier than it has been in years, but it is also better. I feel happier and healthier than I have felt in nearly 5 years.  I am once again engaged at work and, more importantly, I once again feel engaged in life.

So. Many. Things. to be thankful for.

But even good change can be difficult.  For months after I took my new job, I felt like I was in "crisis mode" as far as my time and energy were concerned. My mental and emotional energy were consumed each day with the things I needed to learn and navigate at work.  But six months (plus one day) in, I feel reassured that I am adjusting to my "new normal."  I offer the following evidences:

5) I signed up for another CCEF class for this spring.  I am really excited to get back into the pursuit of my Foundations of Biblical Counseling certificate and I am thankful I feel like I once again have the time and energy to invest in something I am so passionate about.

4) I am accruing less overtime at work, which seems like a good sign that I am finally getting the hang of what I'm doing and some things are starting to come a little more naturally.

3) I read 9 books this month (granted, 7 of them were the Chronicles of Narnia which go REALLY fast).  But still.  My soul feels at rest when sitting down with a good book and I desperately missed having the energy to read over the summer months.  Glad to be back in the habit.

2) I've started hosting people in my home again, something I LOVE to do.  On two recent Sundays I had the wonderful opportunity to have some families from church join me around the dinner table for food and fellowship.  And in a couple of weeks, my roommate and I will be hosting a "Friendsgiving" for some of the young adults and families in our social circles.  So, so, so thankful that I once again have enough margin in my life to invest in good old-fashioned hospitality.

1) I'm blogging again!  (you're welcome, Dad!)