Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1961) A successful day of shopping.  Kind of fun to have a reason to get some new stuff!
1962) Calvary's Tenebrae service.  What a powerful, moving time reflecting on Christ's work on the cross.
1963) The reminder that even as Christ was nailed to the cross, HE was sustaining the soldiers who drove the nails.  It is such amazing love and sacrifice.  And a sweet reminder of how he lovingly sustains me even when I'm unfaithful.
1964) "The Lamb of God / in my place / His blood poured out / my sin erased / It was my death He died / I am raised to life / Hallelujah / the Lamb of God"
1965) Easter is coming!
1966) The kindness of the Worship Team in welcoming me as a newcomer. 
1967) Having my whole family here in Rochester!  So thankful they all made the trip down!
1968) Realizing I know Penny so well that all she has to do is lay down in an unusual place and I can tell something is wrong.  I am thankful for the connection I have with her and the meaning I find in that.
1969) Thankful that my first Worship Team experience went better than I thought it would!  What a blessing to be a part of that team and to lead the Body in worship on Easter.  What a celebration!
1970) Thankful for Joel's kind encouragement during vocal warm-ups.
1971) Right before 2nd service, Ginger asked me to be one of her Mary Kay models, saying she keeps looking at me from across the room and just thinks I'm so beautiful.  Moments later Karmen taps me on the knee and says, "You made it through the first service!  Hang in there, you're doing a great job!"  And then a few minutes later, Alicia leans over and says, "You look so pretty this morning."  I will never understand why God is so gracious to me and why He shows me such unnecessary kindness through His Body.
1972) Getting to stand on stage and watch people worship, to see them express their joy through their bodies & faces and to hear them singing praises...what a blessing!
1973) Yummy yummy Chester's brunch buffet.  SO GOOD.  Yummy.
1974) Having my family at my church to join in our Easter celebration and then spending time together over lunch with much of the conversation centering around all the future plans of things we want to do together.  I love how much I love being with them.
1975) Thankful Penny seems to have stopped vomiting and pooping.  It was a long night last night getting up with her every few hours...thankful this night seems like it might be a bit quieter!
1976) Great emails from Laurel with her ideas of what she wants to do while I am in Atlanta.  I love how that girl plans and communicates!
1977) Sending Dad a thank you email for everything he paid for last weekend and having him respond, "Well, we're spending your inheritance, so thank YOU."  SO funny!
1978) Making returns.  I feel a little better getting some money back after my wardrobe shopping spree last week!
1979) FINALLY getting around to listening to my new CDs Lindsay gave me for Christmas.  Great music with lyrics that remind me of sweet and significant truths of which I often need reminding.
1980) "He takes broken things and makes them beautiful."  Hallelujah.
1981) Another successful platelet donation!  Thankful my hematocrit seems to be trending upward so I can give more consistently.
1982) A chance to have some small talk with Amanda (receptionist at the chiropractor).  I love meeting other old souls.  I also love being reminded how fascinating people are when you take a minute to talk to them.  (Who would have thought that a classically beautiful, 20-something-year-old receptionist would spend their free time tracking the migratory patterns of hummingbirds?!?!?)
1983) I'm thankful my back pain doesn't prevent me from being active.  In fact, that's the only time it doesn't hurt.  Glad I can stay consistent with my workout routine while I wait for the pain to be relieved.
1984) Thankful for a sweet, encouraging, complimentary email from my mom in response to my thank you email.  To have TWO people that love me the way she and Dad embarrassment of riches that can't even be put to words.
1985) Early to bed for the first time in the last long 7 days.  Thankful for the opportunity to SLEEP!
1986) "What though the vile accuser roar / of sins that I have done; / I know them well and thousands more / my God, He knoweth none."
1987) Only three days left with kidney transplant before I get to start my new job!  Yay!
1988) Thankful that Julie took the time to chat even though she felt like she needed to prepare for her meeting tomorrow.  Talking with her is good for my soul and I'm thankful she offered me that gift tonight.
1989) My dad in the window of his apartment, signaling to me in the parking lot by waving his arm and flicking his shades open and closed.  Just the sight of him makes me happy.
1990) One more sleep until Atlanta!