Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Humpday Listday: T5 Reasons I Travel

I'm getting ready to fly to Atlanta in the morning to keep my sister company while she attends a work conference and then to spend the weekend with a dear friend. I'll come home to work a couple of days before taking off for London, Belgium and France with my family. 

I have always loved to travel and have tried to take advantage of every opportunity I have to do so. My ability to hop on a plane every 6-8 weeks may take a bit of a hit with my new position at work, so I feel especially aware of how thankful I am for the opportunities in front of me this month. 

Traveling is not something I do absent-mindedly. In fact, I have always had a fairly clear vision of why I travel and what I am trying to accomplish. My five main reasons are....

5) learn things about God. I like to explore God's creativity and learn about Him through His creation. He had so many different ideas when He created this world!

4) help fight my egocentricity. The things I see and learn about when I travel serve as reminders of the breadth of this world and the depth of history and, subsequently, how small I am in comparison. I need that reminder often. So I travel. 

3)...because I am single. I want to take advantage of the perks of singleness for however long that remains my reality and one big perk is that I get to spend my time and my money however I choose (within biblical guidelines).  One of the perks of being fairly unencumbered is that I am free to go see people I love who live all over the U.S. and the world. And I also get to go see new places with people I love. 

2)...because I enjoy it. I believe God wants us to delight in Him. Delighting in His creation helps me delight in Him. I worship when I travel. I reflect more when I travel. I learn things about Him when I travel. And also, I'm learning it's okay to have a little fun and enjoy life. 

1) build relationships with those whom I travel with and those whom I visit. So many great conversations, meaningful memories and inside jokes happen while traveling with friends and family. I also have friends serving the church who I am able to support beyond giving finances. I can offer emotional and spiritual support in the form of a friendly face and a face-to-face word of encouragement in a new, unfamiliar place (or a no-longer-unfamiliar place that is still a great physical distance from familiar faces and knowing hugs). As long as I am blessed with the time and fiancial resources to do so, I will continue to delight in serving the church in this way. 

So as much as I have learned to delight in the routine and consistency of life on my new schedule, I am also greatly looking forward to the month of April when traveling will be the means that will allow me to explore a new city with my sister, spend time encouraging one of my dearest friends who faithfully serves young missionaries who work abroad with Operation Mobiliazation, celebrate my cousin's wedding with my extended family, and spend precious time with four of my favorite people reflecting on the historical significance of Normandy, the art and architectural beauty of Paris, the quaint delight of Brugge and much, much more. SO EXCITED!!!!