Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1892) Pastor Dan calling and asking to hear my voice in consideration for the worship team.  Not sure I’m worship team material, but it’s nice to be asked!
1893) The first grill of the season at Ray and Kristy’s!  I love signs of the summer!
1894) Hugs.  Oh, how I love hugs.
1895) Encouraging, thoughtful, kind and funny emails from friends and family in response to the email announcing my new job.  I am so blessed by the people who care for me.
1896) Steve and Laura’s first Game Weekend!
1897) Thankful the Oostras came to New Richmond tonight even though they have to go back home for a meeting tomorrow.  I’ll take every moment I can get with them!
1898) Angela’s generosity and hospitality.
1899) Hannah’s flexibility in change sleeping arrangements to accommodate my shoulder.  So caring.
1901) A brisk walk on a cool spring day.  Feels good!
1902) March Madness Game Weekend!  So relaxing to just hang out with some of my favs.
1903) The cave.  Man, I love sleeping in the cave.
1904) Listening to Bjorn sing hymns to Harris while putting him to sleep.  I hate being sick and am even more bummed to miss out on Game Weekend fun, but it is totally worth it just to have experienced that sweet moment.
1905) As much as I hate missing Game Weekend, I am thankful I don’t have other commitments so I can just rest and sleep off this illness.
1906) Pastor Kevin back in the pulpit.  I so appreciate that man’s leadership.
1907) If I’m going to lay in bed all day, I’m thankful there is basketball to watch.
1908) Thankful for each of the kind ushers who offered me a seat while I stood in the back of church for the entire service due to my back.  Hard to explain why I couldn’t sit down, but, oh, there is such kindness in our church.
1909) Thankful for Penny’s snuggles on a sick day.
1910) Thankful I didn’t have to go anywhere in this snowstorm.
1911) Excited to have “graduated” from physical therapy!  Hoping things go well as I transition to “work hardening.”
1912) Thankful for a day of rest.  I don’t feel a ton better, but it was nice to be free of commitments and take care of myself.
1913) Excited that I already got invited to my first work party!  So excited for this new job!
1914) Thankful mom’s pacemaker placement went well and that there was finally some definitive action taken.
1915) Thankful for my little snuggle bug on long days in bed!
1918) Another 5 lb down, 19 total so far.  Thankful to see hard work paying off!
1919) Finding cute clothes.  :-)  Always fun.
1920) Waking up from my second nap of the day and having that moment when I feel my strength returning.  Nice to know I’m on the upswing side of this illness.
1921) Finally getting around to opening my mail and finding a sweet note from Chinwe.  So, so thankful for that sister.
1922) Sally sending me LP Leader clippings from 2001.  Oh, Sally.
1923) Making decisions I wouldn’t have made in the past, like staying home from choir to rest when I can’t sing anyway.  Thankful I’m learning how to take care of myself and ask for what I need.
1924) Running into the BMT Coordinators in the cafeteria and their excitement that I can come to the welcome party on Saturday.  So excited to get to know them better!
1925) Talking to a delightful patient on the phone, having him tell me he would really like to meet me during his next set of appointments and then seeing a message that he called back later in the afternoon just to thank me for my help.  Thankful I can still have patient interactions like that when I am away from the bedside.