Friday, November 2, 2012

The One Political Post of my Life

At this point in the election cycle, I am just as tired of politics as everyone else.  I hesitate to add another voice to the overwhelming conversation, particularly on a venue such as this where no "real" dialogue can take place, but I found this video very striking (particularly the clips from Reagan's speeches which I had never heard before) and I wanted to share it.  I would encourage you to wrestle through the ideas proposed here as you prepare for the election next week, not just in regards to our presidential candidates but in regards to all of your elected officials.  (p.s. Please hang in there through the first 3 minutes and focus your attention more on what is presented in the second half of the video....the point I want to promote is not that any one *person* is better or worse than another or that personal attacks do us any good in slogging through these issues.  The point is to consider the *ideologies* these people serve and what is best for the future of our country.)

Two thoughts about the video:
1) I think the whole golf-game thing is a load of crap.  The President of the United States arguably has the. most. difficult. job in the WORLD.  If the person serving our country in this way was not allowed to have constructive times of relaxation or rest, I am afraid to think about what it would do to him both as a President and as a human being.  Also, the job is about much more than how that one individual spends their time.  The President alone does not accomplish the promises Obama made.  He and his TEAM work toward those things.  If he plays a round of golf while his team and other elected officials are working, I am totally okay with that.

2) The video makes fairly clear that government is not the solution to our problems, but it doesn't state what IS the solution (I suppose one could argue it implies that "conservatism" is the solution which, I would argue, is still government and therefore is still not the final solution).  In a very limited space (I could talk about the solution for hours), I will simply say this: the solution is THE CHURCH.  So, as you think about limited government, don't stop there.  Think also about how you can be engaged in and through your church to help those in need in you community.  We can't JUST limit government and leave people with legitimate needs high and dry.  There are thousands of people who need real, tangible HELP for a variety of reasons.  I would just rather see that help offered in the name of Christ than in the name of America.