Friday, December 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

I have worked 52 hours in the past 4 days.  Now I am sitting in bed with my computer and my gratitude journal is on the other side of the room.  And I'm not getting up.  So I guess I'll just have to write all my tired mind can think of to be thankful for after four days of 12 and 16 hour shifts.

Here is what comes to mind...

I am thankful I have been given:
  • sufficient health, allowing me to care for the sick
  • sufficient strength, allowing me to care for the weak
  • sufficient energy, allowing me to care for the fatigued
  • sufficient stability, allowing me to care for those whose lives have been disrupted
  • an extremely low-maintenance dog who is perfectly content to spend 20+ hours a day curled up in her kennel
  • a weekend off.  especially since it is a weekend with my family.
I guess in summary, I am thankful that HE is sufficient, that I have been blessed with a job that I enjoy (most days), and that I have the greatest family in the world.

And, I like my dog.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).
And.....we're back.

Sorry about November.  Long days at work, short nights, unexpected trips home and a general lack of discipline is NOT a good combo for this blog in general and Thankful Thursday in particular.  I slept for almost three straight days over Thanksgiving break and got back into my routine this week, so hopefully December will be a different story.

Anyway, here are a few things that brought praises to my lips and gratitude to my heart over the past few weeks:

  • The silly grin stuck on Chris' face when I walked into his surprise birthday party (in Milwaukee) playing my accordion.  
  • Having the Brennas all to myself.
  • Laughing with my sisters at quilt retreat.
  • Camp Lebanon and everything it means/represents in my life.
  • Lisa Abeler and the sweet Truth that comes out of her mouth.
  • Football games with my dad.
  • Lambeau, 50 yard line, 20 rows up.  Awe.some.Seats.
  • Knowing that after years of not recognizing her own family (due to Alzheimer's), Alice saw Christ's face and had immediate and full knowledge of who he is.
  • Sitting at the Hanson's, listening to stories about the grandparents.
  • Re-telling those stories to my grandpa and watching him laugh and laugh.
  • GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Skyping with Laurel - SO good to hear her voice and see her sweet face!
  • My Christmas tree.
  • Kind strangers on the freeway who go out of their way to tell me my tire is going flat.
  • Shane & Shane's Christmas CD - what a beautiful aid to worship as I prepare for Christmas.
  • I serve a God who can do far more abundantly than all that I ask or think - to him be the glory!
  • Bright, sunny days in late November.
  • Sing for joy all the earth / the child has come to set you free / Join the angels in their song / Glory be, glory be!
  • Hallelujah, the Lord of all has come / to reconcile the nations to their God / Hallelujah, he's coming back again / to finish what began in Bethlehem.
  • The smell of lavender.