Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1301) Good conversations with my manager - stepping into leadership and feeling like I have her support.
1302) Breakfast & prayer with my roommie - can't believe she's leaving in two weeks - cherishing our precious time together.
1303) Making accurate and prompt nursing judgments.
1304) Working with Kristy - getting rides home from work - chatting in the car.
1305) A sweet, chuckling, good-natured farmer. One of my favorite patients ever.
1306) LONG catch-up convos with Lindsay Lou. Crying with her as I cruise down I-94. I love that girl. Thankful for the honesty we have between us.
1307) Finally getting some answers about Penny's skin from the dermatologist!! I am optimistic that we might actually be able to solve this!
1308) Running into Josh at the conference - long, encouraging catch-up convos in the convention center lobby. I so appreciate him.
1309) Lemon-ricotta pancakes at Hell's Kitchen. YUMMY!!!!
1310) The comfort/peace I feel at the mere sound of Pastor John's voice - I have been powerfully broken and redemptively healed by the truth God has spoken to me through that voice. The sound of it is a sweet, sweet thing to me.
1311) Listening to thousands of members of the Church worship with abandon.
1312) Powerful truths communicated engagingly and effectively - thankful for the gifts God has given men like Louie Giglio.
1313) Singing with the stars and the whales. One of the most profound worship experiences of my life.
1314) Wise, humble men of God who can speak about their journey of faith with some late-age wisdom.
1315) Bedtime chats with Kristy. What precious, godly friends I have!!!
1316) Listening to the way the Word of God simply pours out of David Platt's mouth - seeing how he is so saturated in the Word he can't help but speak it. Thankful to have an example set for me that I can aspire to!
1317) Vaughn Blackburn's hugs.
1318) The way I walk away from ever conversation with Vaughn with a smile on my face. That man simply exudes the joy of Christ.
1319) Running into Maryn (a college roommate I haven't seen in 5 years) - what a delightful surprise!
1320) Having the opportunity to get to know Trevor & Cassie a little better. I really like them.
1321) Worshipping an indescribably glorious, scandalously merciful God.
1322) Being able to joyfully and confidently proclaim: You are stronger/You are stronger/Sin is broken/You have saved me/It is written/Christ is risen/Jesus, You are Lord of all!
1323) Spending time in prayer with the group from Rochester.
1324) The opportunity to process an overwhelming number of new thoughts with trusted friends.
1325) Being so intimately loved & known by One so worthy of all praise.
1326) Knowing/trusting that my weak spirit will find its strength, my hungry soul will receive grace, I will find my way, my fear will find no place, the enemy will flee and I will feel no shame at the sound of His. great. name.
1327) The Lamb of God, slain for me - my Redeemer, Healer, Savior and Defender!
1328) Being reminded that material blessings are not a curse, but they can become a curse if not used for the purpose God intends.
1329) Taking a nap on Emily's couch during the Vikings game because I feel so at home and our friendship is so comfortable.
1330) Linda Day. She has been a significant source of joy and wisdom in my life.
1331) Seeing Penny in the Halloween costume my sisters bought for her. Un.freakin.believable.
1332) Chatting with Faith when I call Grandpa - realizing how much she enjoys my blog. What an encouragement.
1333) Grandpa's chuckle.
1334) Seeing evidence of answered prayer in a friend's life.
1335) Coming home to my roommie.
1336) Jesus/Worthy is the Lamb/Who was slain for us/the Son of God and man/You are high and lifted up/And all the world will praise/Your great name
1337) Seeing the relief in the face of my expressive aphasic patient when I figured out what she was trying to tell me.
1338) Hallelujah/All I have is Christ/Hallelujah/Jesus is my life
1339) Flexaril and Icy Hot patches. Thankful that they allowed me to move at all today, as slight as the movement may have been.
1340) Penny's excited snuggles.
1341) Being incapacitated by horrendous neck pain and finding myself grateful for how many days I have lived completely pain-free.
1342) The gift of the Holy Spirit - being reminded that when God commands us to do something, he also provides the strength to do it.
1343) Feeling prompted to pray. It's nice to have that feeling return after quenching it for so many years.
1344) The "many proofs" Jesus gave of his bodily resurrection.
1345) My roommate's laugh.
1346) Flaming red trees.
1347) Jesus friend of sinners/I love to tell the story/Redeeming love has been my theme/And will be when in glory/Not death nor life nor anything/Can ever separate me/O love that will not let me go/Yes, I am His forever
1348) A delightful lunch conversation with a perfect stranger - discussing our faith, different cultures and advanced degree programs. Who knew talking to people could be so fun?!?!
1349) Dinner with my roommie. That time is so very precious to me.
1350) Being told by friends twice in one week that they think I love people well.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1266) Comforting a patient's family member as she miscarried - SO devastating, but a good reminder that my job is full of holy moments.
1267) Pleasant, funny, conversant patients. They make the day so enjoyable.
1268) A lovely conversation with my aunt Brenda on my dinner break. I love my family.
1269) Cute little babies with heads full of hair.
1270) A God who pursues.
1271) Having good rapport with my primary physician...the way she values my thoughts/input on my plan of care...the way I trust her to help me make good medical decisions.
1272) Seeing Penny again after two weeks! I missed her!!
1273) Semi-impromptu lunch with Julie. I love when I am able to see her face-to-face.
1274) A lovely visit to the winery with three lovely ladies.
1275) Realizing the discipline of keeping this list really works - helps me see beauty in my day even if I feel crappy.
1276) Spending an entire day in my kitchen cooking and watching childhood movies. Love.
1277) Having my house so full of friends that there is hardly room to turn around.
1278) Allowing myself time to sneak away from the party to be alone for a while.
1279) Standing upstairs listening to the dull roar of voices downstairs. There is something I just absolutely love about that sound.
1280) Having friends who can sense how I feel even when I am trying to put on my party face. Those are precious friends indeed.
1281) A day of rest to "hop off the merry-go-round" - spending a total of half an hour out of bed.
1282) Feeling refreshed.
1283) Watching the Emmys in bed with my roommie.
1284) Strong belly laughs at the impromptu Emmy "pageant" - some people are just SO funny.
1285) Having friends who understand when I need time alone.
1286) Rocking an 11-month-old abuse victim for 2 hours while she slept soundly. I love the weight of a baby in my lap.
1287) Coming to terms with how deeply I want to be a mother - enjoying little glimpses of the things it would stir up within me, especially my protective instinct.
1288) Sleeping baby grunts.
1289) Penny getting such a cute haircut that I can't stop giggling.
1290) A roommate who will get up off the floor just to give me a bedtime hug.
1291) Spending the day in class with David teaching. So fun!
1292) The energy I get when I decide I want to figure out how to solve a problem.
1293) Time to get back to the gym.
1294) Friends who can be vulnerable and honest with where they are at.
1295) Opportunities to speak truth and pray with a sister in Christ. Such a privilege to be able to bring each other before the throne.
1296) sunrises.
1297) Knowing how to solve problems at work.
1298) Changing into sweats and sitting down after working really, really hard.
1299) Listening to acapella groups on The Singoff. It is AMAZING what people can do with their voices!!
1300) Being in relationship with a faithful God who relentlessly pursues me.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1236) Lunch at the Cheers bar. Brought back all sorts of sweet memories of laying in my mom's bed late at night when I was little, watching Cheers before we went to bed.
1237) Funny text convos with Linda, Chinwe, Ang and Han. I love sharing a sense of humor with my friends and family.
1238) Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!
1239) Talking/laughing with Mom every night. Best part of vacation.
1240) Feeling passionate about something.
1241) Talking to a "charting by exception" poster presenter - realizing she might be a great resource if we do another float practice project. Turns out I kind of like networking!
1242) Seeing how my international experiences have given me insight into my nursing practice.
1243) De.lic.ious. dinner at Capitol Grill. One of the best. steaks. of. my. life. (right up there with my Mexico meal)!!
1244) Enjoying funny text conversations with family & friends.
1245) Being inspired by a woman's strength to tell the story of her mother's harrowing experience in the hospital. So sad. So powerful.
1246) Insightful personality testing.
1247) Discovering that I have the "classic" Myers Briggs profile for a nurse. Affirming to know I fit in my job!
1248) 10 years since the towers fell. Thankful for all of the men and women who have served our country, giving their lives or other pieces of themselves for our freedom.
1249) Engaging speakers - I love listening to people who can speak well about something they are passionate about.
1250) Being incredibly close to a breaching whale. Breathtaking. Powerful. Beautiful.
1251) Smores fondue at the Melting Pot. Yummy!!
1252) Walking the Freedom Trail - I LOVE Boston! I love the history, the architecture, the beauty, the life of this city!
1253) Standing on the Long Wharf, looking back into the city, admiring the historical architecture while hearing three different languages being spoken around me. I want to live in a city!!
1254) Climbing to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument - 294 steps! Thankful for a strong body, good health and intriguing history!
1255) Mike's Pastry - my first cannoli and it. was. delicious!
1256) Amaka. I love that girl! I am so blessed to know that family!!
1257) Having Amaka grab my hand as we caught up and walked to lunch. Instantly transported me back to Nigeria when Auntie Chanessa held my hand moments after meeting me and led me out of the airport. So welcoming. There are definitely things I love about that culture. I wish we were more free to touch and be touched here without always making it an intimate thing.
1258) Having my cheeks literally hurt by the end of lunch from smiling/laughing so hard.
1259) Lovely conversations with Amaka throughout the afternoon and evening - the opportunity to get to know her better.
1260) The way Amaka lives her life with such strength, dignity, humor and honesty.
1261) Amaka's eggs and bacon! YUMMY!!!
1262) Putting on my big girl pants, making long-put-off phone calls and taking care of business. I don't always enjoy doing adult things, but it sure is rewarding to get things done!
1263) Catching whiffs of Amaka on my clothes hours after I left her place.
1264) My aunt Brenda - talking to her about taking care of Penny - her graciousness & generosity - how fun she is to talk to.
1265) Catching up with Chinwe when I got home. I love her dearly.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1201) The health & strength to work and make a living.
1202) Being in a profession I love.
1203) Working for an employer who respects their employees.
1204) Being experienced enough to not allow myself to be manipulated by a drug seeker.
1205) Coming home to Penny excited to see me after a day away.
1206) Time to get errands done before work.
1207) Having my patient ask me not to leave at 3:00.
1208) Really, really sweet, confused old men.
1209) Three lovely ladies to bring along to the cabin.
1210) Laughing hysterically at This American Life. I love that program.
1211) Getting out of the car and being greeted by dozens of faces of people I love. Hugs all around! I love my family & friends.
1212) Backyard talks with Jules - holding her feet on my lap while she talks about
1213) Encouraging convos with Josh. Love how his words drip with his passion for the gospel.
1214) Terry's smirk. It will never get old.
1215) BEAUTIFUL sunsets at the lake!! Breathtaking!!!
1216) Dear ones whom I love, gathered around a campfire, telling stories and laughing.
1217) Nutella and marshmallow camper pies. BRILLIANT!
1218) Discovering fun new games (What's Yours Like?).
1219) Laughing until there are tears.
1220) Tear-filled prayer with Jill.
1221) Watching Austin climb up onto the roof of the house to retrieve a frisbee and then jumping back down. He is a crazy monkey of a man.
1222) Kan-Jam. My new favorite backyard game!
1223) Chinwe's laugh.
1224) Hugs from Kristy's parents.
1225) The amazing blessing of the cabin and all of the things that take place there - so thankful for Hannah's generosity.
1226) Calming the fears of a tearful, anxious patient. Being able to get her to smile.
1227) Good morning hugs.
1228) Safe travels to Boston.
1229) Traveling. I just. love. traveling.
1230) Being able to navigate the Boston transit system with ease.
1231) The opportunity to tour Boston - such a cool city!
1232) Thankful for the men and women in our nation's history who fought & planned & rode & revolted for our freedom.
1233) A YUMMY full-lobster dinner at a high-end seafood restaurant. SO good!!
1234) My job's benefits - LOVE that they pay for me to travel and that I can eat at places I would never go to otherwise! I love my job!!!!
1235) History. I LOVE learning things!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy as a Clam

This past weekend, someone (I don't remember who) stated they were "happy as a clam." Someone (Linda Day?) wondered out loud how, exactly we know that clams are so happy. It was suggested that clams are considered happy because they look like they are smiling. I joined the conversation by expressing that I was as angry as a clam who looks like it is frowning because it's been turned over on it's head. I have to admit, that phrase doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily.

I enjoy knowing the history of phrases and, as it turns out, that phrase does NOT refer to a clam's smile. From "The Phrase Finder:"


Very happy and content.


As happy as a clamWhy would clams be happy? It has been suggested that open clams give the appearance of smiling. The derivation is more likely to come from the fuller version of the phrase, now rarely heard - 'as happy as a clam at high water'. Hide tide is when clams are free from the attentions of predators; surely the happiest of times in the bivalve mollusc world.

And, from an idioms dictionary:
Etymology: based on the full form of the phrase happy as a clam in mud at high tide (a clam that cannot be dug up and eaten, which therefore could be considered happy)

I am currently in Boston for a nursing conference. I love the benefits of my job - they pay the conference registration fee, fly me out here, put me up in a nice hotel and reimburse me up to $75/day for food. Breakfast and lunch are provided at the conference, so that means I will be going out for REALLY nice dinners the next few nights! I started tonight with a lobster feast at a high-end seafood restaurant (you know, the kind where they scrape the crumbs off the table in between courses, put pieces of mesh over the lemon wedges so you don't get any pulp on your food when you squeeze it, and the waitress has to explain to you that the lobster head on your plate is considered a delicacy so you CAN eat it, but you certainly don't have to). Um....I love my job.

Boston is a beautiful city. I am a history nut and I have absolutely LOVED roaming around the city, learning more about the events surrounding the start of the Revolutionary War and admiring the beauty of the historical buildings. We simply don't have anything like that in the Midwest!

And so, despite the rain, I can truly say that I had a wonderful first day in Boston.

Or, in other words, I am happy as a clam. In mud. At high tide. That looks like it's smiling.

Oh, also, when I got home from the cabin last weekend (you know, where we had the "happy as a clam" conversation), I found this cartoon waiting for me on one of my blogs. It was kind of like when you learn a new word and then you hear it five more times that same day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday: August (Part 2)

(For an explanation of Thankful Thursday, go here).

1136) My sweet elderly patient randomly saying, "You sure are a good-lookin' young girl." (It wasn't creepy. I promise).
1137) Having the floor nurses ask if I would consider working on their floor.
1138) Overhearing in charge nurse report, "And you also have Eva. She's a house float and she's awesome. You'll love her."
1139) Having family members of both of my patients thank me for my good care.
1140) Penny's cute little wet paw prints on the concrete patio.
1141) Connecting with a patient's wife well enough to be moved to tears by her strength and emotion as she prepares for his death.
1142) Feeling as though I have been able to genuinely lighten the burden for a patient's family member.
1143) Walking to DQ with the Oostras - love feeling like I live near them.
1144) Praying with Jules in a hotel parking lot.
1145) Hanging out with Ang at the hotel - officially starting vacation! Yay!!!!
1146) Traveling with my sisters - I take for granted how well we travel together.
1147) Mary Beth Chapman's book "Choosing to See" - thankful for her honesty and insight.
1148) Watching Ang get her hands bomb-swabbed in the security line. Classic.
1149) My dear mother's delightful cry of joy when she greeted us at the airport.
1150) My first horse show! Fun to see Lizzy jump with her horse.
1151) Kicking off vacay with a morning at one of the top 10 destination spas in the nation. Ah.Maz.Ing.
1152) Eucalyptus saunas.
1154) Sweet convo with MB while we shucked corn. Thankful that she trusts me. Still thankful for the summers I got to spend with her.
1155) Curling up with a full stomach and a good book.
1156) Making my mom laugh - having her repeatedly tell me how funny she thinks I am.
1157) A week in PA with my sister. Love that we love doing the same things. Wish Hannah was here.
1158) Hugs from Daddy.
1159) Lazy mornings with ample time to spend in the Word.
1160) Hearing my parent's engagement story for the first time.
1161) Mom getting excited to play Z-type together. :-)
1162) Pontoon rides around the lake.
1163) Chatting with Hannah - having her correctly guess what we had for dinner for the third night in a row. Crazy funny.
1164) Time to read. Just finished my third book in four days. I love vacation.
1165) Not being afraid to disagree with my family.
1166) Hearing doctors talk about how they view nurses and realizing how blessed I am to work with physicians who treat me well and respect my role.
1167) Mosquito-less campfires on the shore of Lake Wallenpaupack.
1168) Touring multi-million dollar homes. Bea.u.ti.ful.
1169) Delicious steaks with spicy orange sauce. Yum!!
1170) Finishing my 4th book in 5 days. So relaxing to have time to read!!!
1171) RITAS!!!!!
1172) Hannah arrived safely - so good to have the family complete!
1173) The opportunity for a good convo with Ang about church on the ride to the airport.
1174) Seeing the sign at McDonald's: "This establishment has gone 3 days without an accident." LOVE laughing with my sisters!
1175) Fun opportunity to attend a live QVC show - so fun to see MB at work. She is so gifted!!
1176) Beautiful Marie Osmond dolls that remind me of my grandma.
1177) Getting re-scheduled flights to work out fairly well despite the hurricane (bonus day of vacation and I only miss 4 hours of work!)
1178) Seeing/hanging out with Eric. I love the friendship I have with him!
1179) Rest.
1180) Safety during the hurricane.
1181) Cookie dough.
1182) Time to go to a movie in the theater.
1183) Not even taking my wallet to the theater because I can presume my daddy will gladly treat.
1184) The Help - great movie. Thankful that we are at least making some progress on how we relate to people who are different than us.
1185) Soul Surfer - being moved to tears by a movie - being encouraged by another's faith and perseverance.
1186) Talking to Grandpa - always a weekly highlight for me!!
1187) Extremely encouraging phone call from Ray - so empowering to have someone point out strengths/gifts they see in my life and how those things can benefit the community.
1188) My aunt and uncle's generosity. Can't believe we get to come out here every year - they are so good to us!!
1189) Remembering what an impact this place and this family had on my life in those two summers I lived out here - trying hard not to be heartsick with my desire to return to those summers - just being thankful for what they were.
1190) Watching the humble ways my Uncle Mark serves his church and his family. I have so much respect for that man.
1191) Tearful goodbyes - love that we enjoy our extended family so much.
1192) Kyle's ever-constant willingness to drive me to and from the airport. Love how generous he is with his time.
1193) Jules got into her classes! Answer to prayer!! YAY!!!
1194) Seeing my roommate after 10 days away - I missed her!!
1195) Penny actually remembering who I am.
1197) Sweet comments on my blog from my aunt Faith. She is so generous with her compliments!
1198) Getting some quality time with my roommie after hardly seeing her for two weeks. I cherish my convos with her.
1199) The opportunity to approach God's throne with confidence, knowing that he hears our prayers.
1200) Grace.