Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Aden

Welcome to your new home, sweet Aden!!

Aden, in the cup I used to bring him home from the hospital.

I have sensed an increasing desire to have a plant for several weeks now and when I saw you there, abandoned in the window-less break room, I knew instantly that I was being prepared for this exact moment. After taking a quick look over you, I knew we had found ourselves in a place where your great need met my deep desire. I hardly laid eyes on you and I already loved you.

Later in the evening, I was given the opportunity to meet your mother. Sadly, I can not guarantee that the same opportunity will ever be afforded you. But I can tell you that she is strong and beautiful, as I pray you, too, will be some day. She was glad to see you go to a good home, yet I do believe it hurt her when they clipped you from her deviate branch.

Bearing the responsibility for your well-being weighs heavily on me at the moment, especially given the unfortunate state of health in which I found you. I want you to know that I am doing the best I can to learn as much as I can. If you do live through this difficult transition, I know there will still be times when I fail you. As much as it hurts me to say, I may even occasionally forget to provide you with your basic needs like food and water. And I may not talk to you as much when company is around. But I will try to work your watering schedule into my routine and I will love you well in the privacy of my solitude.

The welcoming of this new life into our home has great significance for me. As you flourish throughout the year (and particularly during the excruciatingly long months of January and February) you will stand as a physical representation of the promise of spring - of longer days, warmer sunshine, brighter smiles, victory over death and the general softening and melting of things once hard and cold. You will be a physical reminder of my spirit's hope that "this year the winter will not break me*," and at the end of every March, we will celebrate another year of your life and another winter past. I do hope it is not too heavy of a burden for you to bear. I do not think of it as a burdensome responsibility as much as a celebration of the timing of this blessed crossroads that marks the intersection of our lives.

Aden's first day in his "big boy" planter bed.

And so, Aden, I welcome you into this home - a home that has experienced a wonderful flourish of new life in the past five months. I hope your ears are not sensitive to uproarious laughter, for there is an abundance of it here. You will also hear much talk of your Creator - may you bring him glory through the beauty he has bestowed upon you.

Grow well, dear one. I have big dreams for you.

*Lyrics from "Fallen" by Storyhill

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dear faithful blog readers,

I apologize for any confusion regarding the Hawaii post(s). I especially apologize if you follow me in some sort of blog reader. I do not even know what your reader may be telling you right now. Maybe you only got one alert for a new post with dysfunctional videos. Maybe you got 12 new alerts for the 12 different times I tried to make the links functional. Whatever the case, my crash course in posting my own videos on my blog is now complete and, if nothing else, you can click over to my actual blog and view the videos.

I promise to learn about things before I try executing them in the future.

Eva Joy

Hawaii Haiku

Yes, I am fully aware that I am blogging about things that happened six weeks ago.

Anyway, moving on.

My new Hawaii haiku....


Three sisters and I
(Linda is honorary)
on the Big Island.

Scott came for three days.
We found him at the airport
without our cellphones.

We girls asked Scott to
try to describe himself in
five words. His response:

"Sensitive, caring,
troubled, lava and Mele

Found a lava tube.
Linda and Scott hid to try
to scare us. It worked.

Visited South Point.
(It's the southern-most tip of
the United States).

Lots and lots of whales
And my courageous sister
jumped off of a cliff.

Beautiful hiking,
rock-climbing and waterfalls.
I. love. Hawaii.

We talked about the
three kings: Elvis, Michael and

Watched the Vikings game
at the resort. I don't want
to talk about it.

Snorkeled in the bay.
Didn't see spinner dolphins,
but saw sea turtles.

There was a huge "swell"
with a surf advisory
due to the big waves.

So what did we do?
Played in the ocean, of course.
Got beat by the waves...

The swell got in the
way of our manta ray dive,
so on to plan B.

We went on a hike
at Waipi'o Valley.
It was beautiful.

Steepest. hike. ever.
A twenty-five percent grade
Both uphill and down.

Bad manta ray dive.
The manta ray stood us up
AND we got seasick.

Overall, great trip.
Hot sun, good food and lots of
laughter. Hawaii.


And my favorite line of the week:
Hannah: What would the world be like if we only answered each other like a Magic 8 ball?
Me: I don't know. Check back later.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am going to a Storyhill concert tonight. These guys are the newest addition on my list of "artists that I love now that my roommate introduced me to them." I have been listening to them all week to familiarize myself with their music before the concert. I like their sound a lot. And I enjoy most of their lyrics. Here is the most poignant lyric for me so far (at least for this week):

"But if faith can move a mountain
Tell me, what's gonna move my faith?"
-Absaroka Air by Storyhill

Here is the full song, if you are interested. It is in my T5 favorites of theirs.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Story of My Life

"Everybody wants to be transformed but nobody wants to change."

-Frederica Mathewes-Green