Friday, February 12, 2010


Dear Readers,

I was going to blog about Hawaii this afternoon, but that was before I spilled an entire glass of water on my (fairly new) MacBook Pro. It is currently propped up in a position that will hopefully facilitate the evaporation of water from its innards and until that happens, I am afraid to turn it on. However, I am not afraid to hop on my roommate's computer to inform you of this tragic event. (pst, Chinwe, can I use your computer to write a blog post? Thanks. You're the best. Come home soon. I'm bored.). However, my Hawaii videos are not on this machine, they are on the soaked machine that is propped up in my bedroom, so the Hawaii post will have to wait. I did manage to get pics uploaded to facebook, so please feel free to enjoy those in the meantime.

Eva Joy

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sick (In A Different Way)

I will blog about Hawaii. I promise. But it probably won't happen until sometime next week.

Between feeling like I got hit by a bus (see previous post), working 48 hours and going in early 3 out of 4 days to meet with my manager, this week has been a busy one. And of the small amount of free time I have had, I have spent about 25% of it contemplating and discussing a significant work decision, 25% of it sleeping and/or nursing myself back to health and 50% of it enjoying the company of my roommate. (She is fabulous. You really should hang out with her sometime.)

Anywho, I will blog about the trip, I just need to get my pictures, videos and thoughts a little more organized before I do.

In the meantime, consider this:

Is anybody else totally creeped out by this thing? Something about the way it walks really disturbs me. I think it may be the pace of it's motion. It strikes me as anxious. And apparently I find anxious robots a little unnerving.

It may also be it's tenacity. You know it's "you can't stop me" attitude that is undeterred by ice, cinder blocks, or a swift kick to the side.

This smaller version is not quite as impressive, but there is something about the triple-face-plant around 00:32 that I find highly entertaining.

And this might officially be one of the best spoofs I have ever seen:


I either have:

a) a BAD cold,
b) a mild case of strep, or
c) an allergic reaction to the copious amount of macadamia nuts that I ate on Wednesday night (and continue to eat despite the fact that I think I might be reacting to them).

Regardless of the cause, I don't feel good. My nose will not stop dripping, my throat is aflame, my lightheadedness has nearly floored me on multiple occasions, I have a deep sense of fatigue and I have scratched the bejeezus out of the welty rash on the back of my legs.


The great thing about getting sick approximately once every four years is that I feel good almost all of the time.

The bad thing about getting sick approximately once every four years is that I tend to be a bit of baby when the long-anticipated day finally arrives.

However, there are a few things I take comfort in that make the days ever-so-slightly tolerable:

1) Vicks VapoRub.
  • I practically bathe in the stuff. I love the smell. I love the feel. I love the comfort it brings me. I. love. Vicks VapoRub.
2) Nyquil.
  • My drug of choice. As someone who normally sleeps VERY well (I fall asleep fast and could stay asleep through a tornado) one of the things I hate about being sick is how restless I am at night. I sleep lightly, wake up often and feel very unsettled throughout it all. But Nyquil knocks. me. out. So I take it every night when I am sick and sometimes up to a week afterwards. You know, just in case. (I once drank it every night for an entire semester in college. I realize that's not good. I don't do that anymore. But I do still use it when I'm sick.) To me, it tastes of the sweet flavor of sleep. Yum.
3) Josh Groban's Closer.
  • For some reason, I started listening to this disc whenever I didn't feel well in college. Now it is my comfort music when I am trying to rest - not necessarily limited to times when I am sick. I also play it when I lay down to take an unplanned nap due to overwhelming fatigue or when I am trying to sleep on an airplane. But still. I listen to it infrequently enough that when those times come, it is a comforting treat.
4) LOOOOOONG HOT showers.
  • I just stand there and let the water scald my achy body while the steam clears my sinuses. Sweet relief.
5) My mother's sympathy.
  • My mother, in her lovely motherly way, still feels bad for us girls when we don't feel well. I don't care how old I am, I will never tire of my mother's care, even when given from a distance (and even when she tells me I am ridiculous for eating all of those nuts).

And now that I have had ample opportunity to enjoy all of those comforting things in the last 48 hours, I would prefer to feel better again. Athankyouverymuch.