Sunday, September 27, 2009

*soediV looC

I had a Mute Math CD playing in my car this weekend. My music-loving friend informed me that they had an interesting video where they sang one of their songs backwards so that when they played the video in reverse, they were moving backwards but the music sounded right. They played their instruments backwards and the lead guy sang the words in reverse. I can't even say the alphabet backwards. So, naturally, I found the video mesmerizing and crazy.

And just in case it doesn't quite make sense, you can watch them perform it live on Jimmy Kimmel (i.e. their bodies are moving forward but the music and words sound all messed up).

Somehow, watching Mute Math's video led me to find this video by OK Go. You may be one of the 48 million people who has already viewed this video, but even so, it is probably worth watching again. I want to be friends with these guys. Not only because one of them owns a pair of pink jeans (although that certainly is a reason) but also because people who think like this make life just a little more interesting.

These are the only two videos I watched tonight and I found them both to be satisfyingly amusing.

*Three times I failed to type this title before I finally wrote it down correctly on a piece of paper so I could just copy it backwards. I seriously can't figure out how those guys ever made that video. Or performed it live. Totally. Unreal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

One of Those Days....

....when I start the day with hugs from my parents and am reminded of how much I love them.

....when my dad tells me I look nice and it makes me feel beautiful.
....when I get to sit by my parents in church and thank God for their faith-nurturing influence in my life.
....when the orchestra plays in church and my soul responds.
....when I am reminded that there's still hope for me today because the God of heaven loves me.
....when I am worried I won't be able to find a small group that meets on Sunday afternoons and then find out I have over 20 options.
....when Papa Stoner calls me his favorite Minnesota girl and I can't help but beam.
....when I get to enjoy roast, potatoes and carrots for lunch. One of my favorites.
....when the Vikings win.
....when I unexpectedly take a two-hour nap on the couch in my friends' apartment because I feel so at home there I apparently don't feel the need to stay awake.
....when I am torn between hanging out with the people I love in the cities and the people I love in Rochester and I realize that I am abundantly blessed as far as friendships are concerned.
....when a dear friend joyfully offers his time and energy for an inconvenient project and I feel served and well-loved.
....when I get told I am being too loud because I am laughing so much.

Yep, it was one of those days.

One of those really, really good days.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

PA Recap

I know, I'm a little behind. Deal.

Number 1 place to spend a week with my family every year:

Top 2 CDs we listened to:
1) Carol King
2) Donny Osmond love songs.

Top 3 meals:
1) Hamburgers and corn on the cob. Classic and summery!
2) Steak. I don't even remember what we had with it. Man, that steak was good!!
3) Marinated pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.

Top 4 treats:
1) RITAS!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Club cracker bars.
3) Fresh, warm, and ever-so-slightly-underbaked chocolate chip cookies.
4) Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt kettle chips.

Top 5 books that I read:
1) Life of Pi by Yann Martel, recommended by Hannah and Laura. I would recommend it. I thought it was an average/slightly above average book until I discussed it with my sister afterward and she got me thinking about the twist at the end and then suddenly, post-reading, I enjoyed it even more.
2) The Glorious Pursuit: Embracing the Virtues of Christ by Gary Thomas, recommended by Lindsay. I would recommend it as well. It is a fresh take on the virtues of Christ and some of the disciplines needed to cultivate those virtues with quite a few thoughts to ponder.
3) Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold by C.S. Lewis, recommended by Josh. For me, it was one of those "perfect timing" books that was full of the exact themes that I needed to ponder as I processed certain aspects of life right now.
4) Living Sacrifice by Helen Roseveare. I have now read 2/4 of her "Living..." series. I resonate with a lot of what she says about her view of self and her view of faith which means a lot of what she says is very challenging to me because she calls me out on patterns of thinking that I don't even realize I have.
5) Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Can't remember if someone recommended this to me or not. I didn't finish it in PA, but I started it there and finished after I got home. It was alright. It didn't end how I wanted it to end. Annie says it wasn't heart-wrenching enough for me. I just wanted it to make me wrestle through certain emotions more. It ended exactly how I expected it to end and, therefore, it will not be a memorable book in my mind.

Top 6 movies that I watched:
1) Gran Torino. I'm not a Clint Eastwood fan, but I liked this movie. If you can get over his annoying and unrealistic growling, there is some great character transformation that leads to a powerful moment at the end of the movie.
2) Crossing Over. Reminded me of Crash, just not as good. Not a total waste....provided an interesting look into the "human" side of illegal immigration....but overall, probably not worth your time.
3) The Hangover. Highly inappropriate. Ridiculously funny.
4) I Am Legend. I only saw about half of this. My uncle came across it on TV and stopped to watch the rest of it. I have no desire to see the first part. Those no-longer-human creatures were disturbing. Not a fan of that kind of stuff.
5) Backdraft. Old fireman movie that we found on TV. It was decent. Whatev.
6) National Treasure. Watched this with Elizabeth in the backseat of the van on our way home from the cabin. I often forget how entertaining this movie is.

Top 7 Worst Moments:
1) Wearing a slanket.
2) Finding out in the eleventh hour that Dad had to stay home.
3) Discovering that Rita's will no longer be carrying Cappuccino Cream water ice.
4) Playing hymns on MB's grand piano and missing my Dad terribly because he would usually come and sing with me.
5) Waking up to Hannah crying and saying, "I can't move! I can't move!" because her neck was causing her so much pain.
6) Spending one afternoon facing the reality of changing relationships.
7) Crying while I said goodbye to MB at the airport.

Top 8 quotes:
1) "I want to be a gmail ninja." -Hannah
2) MB: Our church just got a new drama director.
Ang: Hannah is our drama director.
3) "If you're going to fall off the bandwagon you might as well roll around a while." -Me, to Eric after he ate 7 cookies and 4 pieces of chocolate.
4) "Harrison Ford lost his mojo in the '70s." -Cory, when asked if he wanted to watch a Harrison Ford movie with us.
5) "Novels and movies are crafted in the minds of creative people." -Me, in a defense to Hannah as to how stories can appear to be feasible (or, in certain cases, not-feasible-yet-strangely-realistic) while not actually being true.
6) "These chips are so HOT! I can feel the pepper burning my tongue!!" My Scandinavian mother, trying Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt chips for the first time.
7) "They don't need to know my real plans, it just needs to sound good." -Ryan, sharing his campaign strategy for his 8th grade class officer elections.
8) "I automatically fall asleep at midnight or when anyone starts a movie, whichever comes first." -Hannah

Top 9 Best Moments:
1) Having long, extended times in the Word each morning as I drank my coffee on the floating dock and feeling my desire for the Word be restored after months and months of wanting to want it.
2) Cuddling with my mom while watching Law & Order.
3) Watching Ang get carded at the movie theater (and almost not allowed to enter because she didn't have any ID with her).
4) Playing hymns and duets on MB's grand piano.
5) Beating Eric in Speed Scrabble. Several times.
6) Talking to Linds while enjoying the cool breeze on the shaded deck overlooking the lake.
7) Watching Mom try to get the jetski off the dock.
8) Any moment when I was playing Rook.
9) Not changing out of my pajamas for an entire day.

Top 10 pictures:

1) Relaxing on the "party barge" with my two favorite sisters.
2) All the cousins. I love this family!!

3) Elizabeth and I.

4) Wearing a slanket in what may turn out to be one of the more embarrassing moments of my life.

5) Quite possibly one of my favorite pics of Angela and myself.

6) Playing around with Photo Booth.

7) More playing. More laughing.

8) Champ is a special dog. A very, very special dog.

8b) Proof that Champ is special and wasn't just having a bad day.

9) Ang and Elizabeth rocking out to Carol King on the raft (while the rest of us danced on the pontoon).

10) Mom (and then Mom and Hannah, and then Mom, Hannah and Cory, and then Mom, Hannah, Cory and Ryan) trying to get the jetski into the water.